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Frequenty Asked Questions

If this is your first time contacting an upscale companion and you have questions, I ask that you take the time to review my Frequently asked questions below.



Q: Are the photos on your site really you?

A: Absolutely! My most recent photos were taken this year, and they represent me totally accurately. 


Q: Can you send me unblurred photos or Facetime/Skype before we meet?

A: Unfortunately, I cannot. I have chosen not to publicize my face for your discretion as well as mine. Similar to you, I have a thriving business outside of providing companionship and I value my privacy. I am often told that my photos do not do me justice and you can rest assure that my face has been said to be one of my best physical assets. For your comfort, feel free to browse some of my Past Reviews. You can be certain that you will meet a breathtaking beauty who works as a professional model.


Q: Why have you not responded to my Email?

A: You may not have sent me a proper introduction. When emailing me I ask that you take the time to tell me a little bit about yourself. If you can not put in the effort to write me a proper greeting, I will feel no enthusiasm to respond. Also, be sure that you did not use any acronyms or write anything referencing illegal activities. Any E-mail I receive with rude or explicit content will be automatically deleted and your address  blocked. 


Q: Do you offer half hour rates?

A: NO, I do not offer half hour rates or sessions. Half hour sessions do not coincide with the type of service which I provide. Half hour sessions are the equivalent to visiting a McDonalds drive thru. You are hungry so within seconds you can grab an unhealthy burger and 5 seconds later you are no longer hungry. In direct contrast, my sessions are the equivalent to that of a five-course meal, served within a top-tier restaurant. When dining at a five star restaurant you are unrushed. You relax and savor the time needed to enjoy each course and with each course you revel in the artistry of the food presentation, the dining experience and all preparations needed to make your meal absolutely remarkable!

Thanks for reading...

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